Unlocking Investor Confidence:
Impact9 is a technology development collaborator for innovative mechanical hardware systems. Impact9 unlocks investor confidence in innovative solutions, where there are risks due to novelty in demanding applications. Our methods are structured with the aim of progressing along the well-known 9-stage "Technology Readiness Levels". Impact9 works with an international network of specialist to plan and manage system “qualification” activities (test, analysis, demonstration, independent certification). These serve to validate that novel solutions meet the regulatory and mission-critical needs of traditionally risk-averse markets.

Inceptor Team:
Impact9’s “Inceptor” team anticipates emerging market needs and conceives the most compelling solutions. Applying a collaborative and innovation-led approach, the team develops ideas to a level where a credible path to market exists, including a co-fundable technology development plan. A "fast fail" approach means those ideas without  sufficient commercial merit are filtered at this stage.

Accelerator Team:
Working with a unique cluster of partners, Impact9 can lead the System Engineering, test integration and commercialisation of solutions.  This can include complex hardware systems that must fulfil mission-critical functions in adverse environments. Developing and operating "First Of A Kind" hardware under pre-commercial funding paves the way for industry adoption.

Inception, Development, Test, Validation and Application

Contact:   info@impact-9.com